Inspired by a 15th century Japanese Noh drama, KOCHO brings to life the evocative, haunting tale of a butter!y's dream to dance under a plum tree. 


Music | Garrett Fisher

Words | Amy Schrader &  Zeami

Premiere: Galapagos Art Space (NYC) 2011.

Direction: Benjamin Mosse

Choreography: Christy Fisher

Production Design: Zane Pihlstrom

Margaret Lancaster (flute); Dean Moore (gongs/percussion); Greg Bagley (6 string fretted acoustic bass); Garrett Fisher (Indian harmonium); Jennifer Hinkle (trombone); Shawna Avinger, Maria Mannisto, Kathea Yarnell, Daniel Brylow, and Jeremiah Cawley (vocalists).

Produced by Beth Morrison Projects.

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